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Published: 05th October 2009
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SID : hello, Sid Roth here, welcome to my world where it is just naturally supernatural. Who would want to be anywhere else? My guest Jason Westerfield has been doing it again ; it has been inciting me to jealously. This young man is normal. The same works that he did we are meant to do. I want to learn a bit about this.
JASON : Well I was having breakfast with my better half, I wasn't feeling really non secular, just enjoying breakfast with my wife, and a vision opened up to my left for roughly 40-45 mins, and the Lord began to show me the coming energy revolution. So just as we had an economic age, right now this generation will be known as the energy age and energy revolution. And he showed me how we were going to be going to a hydrogen based world economy, and when that begins to come about, the different changes, geo-politically will take place on the planet and there will be a great human rights movement take place. And I saw some converters that because of these converters every country will be ready to make use of and be self-sufficient in their energy and because of that the world may not be dependant on oil and we are going to see literally a global shift in power begin to take place.
SID : Were you given any comprehension of the economy of the united states as to why it would appear that it just keeps going lower and lower?
JASON : Well my opinion is that God isn't mad at America, I know God loves America ; he is the daddy not just of America, he is the father of the nations. And if you see the Lord as a Father looking at other countries as his children, any country that comes in alignment with him and starts to walk in his will and his thoughts and his techniques he is going to begin to start low be will start to disciple that country. And so there are countries now that are starting to appear and they're finally starting to succeed and do a lot more better than they have before and because of that it is taking some of the pie you might say away from America, so it's not that God is mad at America, it is that other nations are beginning to succeed and we see these in emerging markets, and a number of these markets now that are beginning to achieve success that though the american market could be going down we are dominion voters, we are global voters. You can begin to take a position in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Ukraine, China and India.
JASON : Ukraine is the breadbasket, Ukraine is going to continue to produce plenty of food, it could just about fuel most of the Earth with the food it supplies. SID : You know the Bible talks about the price of grain being so expensive in the last days. Do you actually see food and commodities as something that God wants believers to invest in?
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Sid Roth's wish is for all folk to grasp Jesus. His God-ordained technique is to go to the Jew first. He has found that platforming God's miracles is the best method available for reaching Jewish folks with the gospel. That is why he started It's Supernatural! TV over 10 years back.
It's Supernatural! Deals with subjects that most back away from in this seeker-sensitive age. It emphasizes the supernatural perspective that the mundane networks don't understand. And at the end of each program, Sid tells the viewers how they can have intimacy with Almighty God.

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